Clever Role Play Examples To Keep Your Sex Life Sizzling

There really are so many different role play ideas that you can experiment with. It’s really down to the depths of your imagination as to what you can conjure up. If you are having trouble, think of your favorite movies or soap operas and reenact the most memorable scenes. Or play in to your partners most desired fantasies by dressing up as his most desired female super hero.

If you still need some idea’s, here are a few that will really get those creative and sexy juices flowing!



Doctor or nurse role pay or any form of medical role play is always a very popular choice. Have him play the distant yet intense Dr to your helpless weakling who won’t stop until every inch and fiber of your body has been examined, prodded, sucked and seduced as he preps your body for its final operation of taking and devouring your body all to himself.


With the boom in popularity with everything vampire, this is one of the best role play ideas. Have him chase you around the bedroom as you scream helplessly to get away from this blood sucking vampire. Have him tear at your clothes as he tries to get closer and pins up against the wall, salivating in your ear before plunging his teeth deep in to your neck.

Master And Slave

Choose your role and carrying it out with the utmost vigor. If you are usually the dominant one in the relationship or the one who usually has the final say, have a little fun and switch the balance of power between you. Many people find it incredibly hot to submit to their partner in erotic role play Whether it’s being instructed to perform specific sexual acts, wear specific clothing or to obey any command, master and salve is both hot and thrilling for both participants.

Phone Sex

This is great fun for long distant relationships or when you are unable to see each other as much as you would like. Some may find it a little harder to get in to over the phone, as they are unable to always gauge the reaction of the receiver. A sneaky drink can assist with helping you let go of your inhibitions and just get on with it. If either of you are good at accents pick a character like a sexy Russian prostitute or a sizzling Italian siren. Seduce him with the magical sounds of your voice, and let the phone sex role play begin.

Wicked Children’s Stories

Children’s stories are excellent for turning in to sensual adult role play. Little Red Riding Hood is one that is particularly fun when slightly editing the dialogue to “My, my look how big your… is.” You get the drift. Sleeping beauty or Snow White are also great for the romantics out there who have a fantasy about being the princess saved by her prince with not only a very happy ending but a particularly erotic one as well.


1. Alladin and Jasmine
2. Any Famous Actor or Actress
3. Call Girl and Businessman
4. Caveman and Cavewoman
5. Damsel in Distress and villain
6. Dr
7. Nurse
8. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf Role Play
9. Medical
10. Mrs Robinson and Boy Next Door
11. Musician and Groupie
12. Photographer and Model
13. Phone Sex
14. Pizza Delivery Boy and Horny House Wife
15. Police Warden and Prisoner
16. Russian Mail Order Bride
17. Strangers in a Bar
18. Stranded on a Deserted Island
19. Tarzan and Jane
20. Tied up
21. Vicar and Nunn
22. Wealthy Woman and Male Escort

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Adult Film Star – Sex & Stamina Secrets Revealed

During the course of researching our book we talked to a male escort and adult-film stars. We were trying to ascertain what it takes to be able to perform sex multiple times in one day.

One thing that makes a man sexually powerful is his ability to be multi-orgasmic. For women it is a simple process, for most of them; but it’s rare to find a man, especially after the age of 25, who can perform these functions.

From the information we gathered, it wasn’t due to the “blue pill,” or some type of stimulant, though many men think that this is how these men “prop-up” their abilities. It was due to other factors.

One important factor was that they had to believe that they could perform this way. That was a necessary hurdle, to realize that it could be done.

Diet was especially important. These men ate plenty of protein, grains, and vegetables. They didn’t eat junk food or fast food, and didn’t drink soda or take alcohol. They drank mainly water. They supplemented their diets with things like amino acids and zinc – supplements that aid in increasing the amount of seminal fluid. No smoking.

Exercise was important, too. A cardio-vascular program, as well as weight/body training. Especially the back muscles, buttocks and leg muscles, and abdominal muscles. If these muscles are so weak that they are drained during one sexual workout, it makes sense that the muscles will be too weak to perform any time soon.

Strengthening the PC Muscle(s). These are the muscles that make up the lower girdle of the pelvis and are one important factor in maintaining an erection and creating an erection. They also are related to the cremasteric muscle, which is important in testicular strength and regulating sperm temperature (sperm are very temperature sensitive) by raising and lower the testicles. For instance, when you get in a cold tub of water, your testicles will shrink up and bring the testicles closer to the body – this is to keep the sperm warm.

How to Get Through to the Opposite Sex

What caused your last argument? Are the words you said the same ones your sweetie heard? It’s no secret that storms between women and men linger at the intersection of loving and living. You may find yourself asking, “Earth to sweetie, what must I do to get through to you?”

Here are 4 gender communication pitfalls with tips on how to avoid falling into them. While all men and women are not all the same, using just one of these tips the next time you disagree may reap relationship riches.

Pitfall 1: Men can separate sex from love, but women think that sex IS love.

A recent study found that a large percentage of women have sex for the sheer pleasure of it. Duh! But the study ignored the posturing of the genders AFTER sex occurs. Women ask me how they can push a guy towards permanence. The bonding hormone oxytocin, which gals have in far greater supply, drives women to bond with a man. But the male tortoise that tottered toward commitment now darts like a cheetah toward the cave. He feels invaded while she feels evaded. Hey guys, lighten up! The female black widow spider usually fails in her attempts to eat her mate after sex!!

Steve told Jackie he didn’t want to get serious. But since he was living at her home on weekends, she thought he would come around. Because Jackie kept pushing the issue, the couple ended up splitting for good.

My Advice: Yes, we know that talk is cheap, but if someone says the same thing to you over and over again, you need to listen! As my Gilda-Gram says, “If any partner feels s/he is in maximum security lockup, your relationship is doomed.” Sex is sex and nothing more – unless BOTH partners agree to change the script.

Pitfall 2: Men talk deals, women talk details.

Words have different purposes for the two genders. Women use them to solicit rapport, while men use them for gathering and disseminating information. In fact, men may accuse women of talking too much, but research shows that men actually talk more.

Lauren missed Fred after not seeing him for awhile. As soon as they got together again, she blabbed non-stop, describing every detail of the time they spent apart. While Lauren just wanted to include Fred in her life, his mind was screaming, “Damn! Does she ever shut up?” Unable to tolerate her constant chatter, Fred left Lauren in his rearview mirror. Lauren never knew why.

My Advice: Before pitching your message, assess your honey’s receptivity. Ladies, when your guy walks in and asks how your day was, ask him, “Do you want it in male talk or female talk?” Usually, he’ll choose the former, so offer a synopsis. Your feelings will remain intact while he goes off to unwind. Later, you can fill him in on any important details.

Pitfall 3: Women deliver “like-me” language, while men argue their points.

“Like-me” language preps the “nice girl” to ingratiate herself and avoid offense. Statements with a question added to the end (“The movie was good, wasn’t it?”) avoid issuing a judgment on the speaker’s behalf. Hedging phrases (such as “I think” or “kind of”) avoid imposing an opinion. In contrast, men blurt out their thoughts without subterfuge and tend to compete in one-upping each other.

Nice girl Traci was furious that each time she argued with Ralph, he insisted that if they broke up, he’d find someone else before she did. This was his aggressive repartee, a style guys customarily use without taking anything personally. After I explained to Traci that this was a gender distinction, not a slap in her proverbial face, she was able to laugh off Ralph’s competitive edge talk. Her new attitude softened all their future disagreements, and they’re now planning their wedding.

My Advice: Observe how the genders speak within themselves as a group. Know the stereotypes, honor the differences and laugh them off, just as Traci did.

Pitfall 4: Men want to fix women’s problems, but women just want to share.

When Marilyn brought her work problems home to Alan, he proceeded to tell her how to solve them. Unfortunately, all Marilyn wanted was to vent to someone with whom she felt “safe.” In my own relationship, I told my seasoned businessman boyfriend (whom I’ll call “Studly”) that I was looking to expand my consulting firm. Studly then escorted me to various booths at a trade show, introducing me to anyone who would listen. He’d begin by saying, “This young lady would like to…” as though I were a mute 10-year-old. “Hey,” I told him, “I’m an adult woman, I have a legitimate Ph.D., years of corporate consulting experience and I can SPEAK FOR MYSELF!” Studly thought he was “fixing” my dilemma and had acted with the best of intentions. He had no idea why I was so upset until I explained.

My Advice: Ladies, know what you’re after before you unload. If you just want to vent, tell your partner that exactly. Guys, if your lady doesn’t tell you what she’d like your role to be, ASK HER before you provide solutions to the problem at hand. Women typically don’t want to take your directions any more than you like asking for them.

In the end, Mars and Venus can communicate with each other. For planetary bliss, just don’t assume that what you say will be interpreted in the way you intended. Ask for feedback. Understanding gender communiqués successfully is a major key to sustaining love.

Dog Toilet Training Tips For Both Young and the Under-Trained Adults

Dogs in general are clean by nature and will not soil the area in which its food or bed is kept. In its wild state, a canine will choose a spot well away from where its “den” is. Your home is not a “natural” habitat, so keep this in mind when toilet training your dog.

In potty training a dog, the process is not unlike that of a young pup, except this canine has developed habits which need to be corrected. Perhaps he was kept in an outside kennel before he came to live with you. You will need to devote time and effort into this if you wish to succeed.

If you can anticipate when your dog needs to go out, this is great. Simply lead him to the door and out to a designated spot and be sure to give praise when they finish. There are signs to look for when they need to relieve themselves. He will begin sniffing around and circling, even begin to lift a leg or squat.

If this happens, do not get excited and yell! Get his attention by clapping your hands and calling his name. Quickly but calmly get the dog outside to finish, if he has already started, and quietly clean up any accident left in the house. Do not scold or punish in any way after the fact, because he will not understand.

You must remain vigil when toilet training your dog. Take him outside every few hours and within a half hour after he has eaten, as this is a typical time for needing to defecate. If he does not go, try again in fifteen minutes. Repeat this process until he does go. Escort him out as soon as he shows any signs of needing to go, and always praise him when he does.

Some dogs will learn faster than others, depending on age and temperament. Consistency is the key to success. Always use positive reinforcement in any situation. A very young puppy will need to go more often and also at night. Most dogs will whine when they need to toilet. Do not hesitate or there will be a mess to clean.

Give him every opportunity to get outside, and soon he will let you know in no uncertain terms when wants out. If potty training your dog continuously fails after following every technique and tip available, a visit to your vet may be in order to investigate underlying medical reasons for the inappropriate defecation or urination.

The Reasons You Should Date Online Through Online Dating Sites

If getting a date is easy for many people, there is no reason why it should be difficult for others. The reason getting a date is difficult for some is just because they don’t know how to go about it. People also date for different reasons and the reasons are best known to the parties involved. Dating is almost inevitable and this shows that dating is part of life because we all enjoy sharing time with our soul mates. If we all enjoy sharing time with our soul mates, it means the importance of sharing of time with someone we love is understood and the online dating sites have been playing a very vital role in this process. Many have not yet put online dating into consideration because they either believe they have no reasons to register with an online dating site or they don’t believe in the effectiveness of these sites. In this article, you will discover the reasons why you should register with an online dating site and date online.

1. Online Dating Sites Offer Wide Variety of Potential Partners.

People have different tastes and because there is wide variety of potential partners to choose from, getting your choice and a perfect match for yourself becomes easier. When you are signing up, you need to give your profile which is the platform on which searches are based. You are advised not to give wrong information about yourself in your profile. Members have competitive profiles and this gives you a better opportunity to pick the best partner for yourself. No one is imposing anyone on you, so you are not in a kind of haste that could make you choose a partner that is contrary to your choice. Online dating sites also have different people from different parts of the world and you can conveniently be successful with your search.

2. Online Dating Sites Are Time and Money Saving.

The time and effort you would have exhausted going a certain distance to look for a partner is saved. The effort that is required to make her see the reasons why she should accept your proposal and date you is also saved if you use online dating sites. Moreover, the money you would have spent to make your partner enjoy the relationship probably by taking her to places like a cinema, party, beach or out for lunch or dinner is saved. You might need to spend to make your partner happy and comfortable, buy wines, snacks, clothes and even jewelries but because you are dating online, you won’t need to do all of these to enjoy your date. It also saves you the signing up fee which means you are getting exposed to wide variety of potential dates for free.

3. You Have The Opportunity to Meet Other Like-Minded Singles.

Online dating sites offer you the opportunity to meet other like-minded singles. When you meet other singles of the same interest, it becomes easy to share ideas and the chance to advise one another on related issues becomes available. It is always very interesting to share thoughts with other singles of the same interest because you have the same thing in common. You can share your strengths and advise one another on your weaknesses. The understanding is always stronger because all of you are exposed to almost the same challenges. Everything you do, any challenge you face and whatever you experience is always better understood by other singles of the same interest.

4. You Can Communicate Effectively With Other Members.

Communication is the life wire of dating and the online dating sites are aware of this. Because the online dating sites know the importance of communication, they have made communication effective so that members can communicate easily and as quick as possible. With the use of their short message service systems, members are able to communicate with one another whenever they want. What makes communication more interesting in online dating is that you can chat with your partner and see each other through a webcam. With the help of effective communication, you can know your partner more from a far distance. When you even place his statements side by side with the way he looks, you can easily arrive at a remarkable conclusion.

5. Online Dating Sites Are Free to Join.

Online dating sites have made it easy for people to become members because you don’t have to pay to sign up. The registration fee can hinder many people from becoming members if they can’t afford it so it is free to everyone. Those of these online dating sites that require you pay to register have even made it affordable so that you don’t pay through your nose. When you are registering, it is not compulsory you give all your details but you are advised to be truthful with the information you are ready to give about yourself.

6. Online Dating Sites Give Rooms for Easy Termination of Relationships.

It is easier to terminate a relationship you established through the online dating sites because you are not seeing your partner physically. Someone that dates his/her partner physically gets tied in the relationship longer than desired. This is because he/she is highly compassionate and won’t be able to meet his/her partner eyeball to eyeball and say he/she is no longer interested in the relationship. This is because he/she won’t be able to bear the physical emotional reactions of his/her partner.

Dating online truly saves you money but does not in any way rule out the importance and influence of giving. Giving goes a long way to get the attention of your partner. It is easier in a case where you don’t have to spend a dime to get any gift of your choice for your partner. How do I mean? There are lots of incredibly awesome free products being given out by companies which you can always get at the blog below. If you were not aware, this is your chance to get your own completely free. You could also get a love test at my blog to check if you and your partner are for each other. Visit and get as many free products as you want right away.

6 Online Dating Tips for Guys That Actually Work

1. Choose the Right Site, Even if You Have to Pay For It

Never choose a dating site because that’s the one everyone else uses. The most popular sites have the most competition, not a good idea if you want to meet someone quickly. There are dozens of dating sites online. There are religious based sites, fetish based sites, sites based on sexual preference, online dating for seniors, there are race-based sites and many more.

Even if you have to pay a monthly fee, consider that fee an investment into your future. If you are lonely now, wouldn’t you pay $20 or less a month if you were told you could meet the woman of your dreams? Of course you would. You probably spend that on leisurely activities right now that don’t bring you near as much pleasure as a dream matchup would bring you.

There are free sites, low paid sites and expensive ones. Don’t just discount a site because it charges and never discount a free site because you think it’s too cheap and saturated. Choose a site based on your preference, your budget and the number of available matches there are in the dating pool. And don’t be afraid to try several at once. The more sites you put profiles on, the more likely you are to find a match.

2. Search Like You’re a Woman To Beat Your Competition

The hardest part about online dating for men is the filling out of the profile. Most men have absolutely no idea how to present themselves in order to maximize their dating chances. To make matters worse, most online dating help for men fails to touch the process of filling out the profile. Most articles and videos online tell men to be honest and let the woman know what you want. If you want to create a profile that gets results, you must study the competition. Who are you up against? This is going to require you to search the online dating site you’re on as if you were a woman.

It is going to feel strange looking through a bunch of guys’ online dating photos, but this is a necessary step if you want the greatest edge.

If you can take what’s working and make it better, you will succeed at online dating faster than any of the other guys in your dating pool. This is one of those free online dating tips that you rarely read online and yet it’s so effective at putting you on top of whatever dating site you choose.

Pay attention to the photos men are using, the language they’re using, their headlines and anything else that stands out. Take plenty of notes and then write your profile. When you have a page full of profile tidbits, headline ideas and other crucial elements, you won’t find yourself staring at a blinking cursor when you’re asked to fill out your About Me, Ideal Date and any other sections you are required to fill out.

In other words, cheat. Online dating for men doesn’t have to be so difficult if you know the easy ways to do things.

3. Be Honest With Your Date and Yourself

One of the biggest complaints most women have about online dating is the fact that men tend to lie. One recent dater recounted a story where she met a man in real life and she said that his age, height and weight were all different than he implied them to be via their online communications.

She said that he was two inches shorter, twenty years older and at least twenty pounds heavier. His response to being caught in a blatant lie, or three of them for that matter? He shrugged, smiled and said, “Everyone lies on the Internet.”

That is not the way to begin any type of relationship. Out of all the online dating tips for guys you will hear in your lifetime, heed this one first and foremost. Be honest about who you are and what your motivations are. Don’t lie about your age, weight, height, job, income or anything else. You will be found out eventually, especially if the date ever progresses to an offline setting.

Creating an online dating profile can cause you to really take a look at yourself. Don’t lie to make yourself feel better or to entice more dates to contact you. It’s not worth it and it will only deter possible matches in the future.

4. Dig Deep to Find Ice-Breakers

This is another bit of online dating advice guys never hear. When a woman fills out an online dating profile, that is all the information she wants you to know about her. The problem for her is, the Internet is vast and probably holds much more information than what she’s offering. In fact, there is probably information online that she’d rather you not know. Use this free online dating tip with caution. You can find out a lot more about your date by Internet-stalking her, so to speak, but you might not be able to erase any bad press you find from your mind. That can be a problem if you end up really liking the person.

If you don’t mind digging up a little dirt on your potential date-to-be, start Googling the person’s name, headline or anything else. People tend to use the same usernames across multiple platforms, headlines and other elements. Some people even put their Facebook profile links on their page. Use any and all information you find to your advantage.

Your goal isn’t to open a file on them or stalk them (looking someone up online is only called cyber stalking), rather it is to gather info that can be used to break the ice with that person.

You are looking for common ground, something that you both can talk and have a conversation about. This should really only be used if you can’t find anything in the person’s profile. These days you might uncover DUI arrest records, mugshots, divorce records and a lot more on Google and the other engines. Be careful what you search for.

5. Be Intriguing, Even if Your Life is Boring

Even if you live in a nondescript house and you work as an accountant, you can still make your life sound exciting. Get creative with it and pretend you’re writing a mystery novel. You don’t have to get too crazy with it, but try to be mysterious, intriguing and try to keep her guessing as to what you do or what you’re into. The more fun you have with it, the more you’ll stand out from other guys on the dating site you’re on and the more success you’ll have overall.

The dating advice guys need the most is the ability to leave the woman guessing. Leave some information for the first date. Nobody says you have to spill the beans in your profile. Leave her guessing, imply more than tell and you’ll get better results.

6. Get on the Phone or Cam Quickly

In the cult film Napoleon Dynamite, the main character’s brother, Kip, meets a girl online and is telling his brother about it across a table at a restaurant. Kip says that they’ve been chatting for two hours every night and, with a nod, says, “I guess it’s getting pretty serious.”

To make a true match with someone, you have to form an emotional connection. It is possible to form an emotional connection via chat. Kip is one example. However, you will build an emotional connection faster and with more impact if you can get the woman on the phone or Skype or other cam-based chat.

Once you form an emotional connect, the rest is fun and games. The endorphins will take over and you’ll be on that love rollercoaster that most people spend most of their lives reminiscing about and chasing. Get the digits or the Skype address and take your chat to the phone or cam for a much faster connection.