Dog Toilet Training Tips For Both Young and the Under-Trained Adults

Dogs in general are clean by nature and will not soil the area in which its food or bed is kept. In its wild state, a canine will choose a spot well away from where its “den” is. Your home is not a “natural” habitat, so keep this in mind when toilet training your dog.

In potty training a dog, the process is not unlike that of a young pup, except this canine has developed habits which need to be corrected. Perhaps he was kept in an outside kennel before he came to live with you. You will need to devote time and effort into this if you wish to succeed.

If you can anticipate when your dog needs to go out, this is great. Simply lead him to the door and out to a designated spot and be sure to give praise when they finish. There are signs to look for when they need to relieve themselves. He will begin sniffing around and circling, even begin to lift a leg or squat.

If this happens, do not get excited and yell! Get his attention by clapping your hands and calling his name. Quickly but calmly get the dog outside to finish, if he has already started, and quietly clean up any accident left in the house. Do not scold or punish in any way after the fact, because he will not understand.

You must remain vigil when toilet training your dog. Take him outside every few hours and within a half hour after he has eaten, as this is a typical time for needing to defecate. If he does not go, try again in fifteen minutes. Repeat this process until he does go. Escort him out as soon as he shows any signs of needing to go, and always praise him when he does.

Some dogs will learn faster than others, depending on age and temperament. Consistency is the key to success. Always use positive reinforcement in any situation. A very young puppy will need to go more often and also at night. Most dogs will whine when they need to toilet. Do not hesitate or there will be a mess to clean.

Give him every opportunity to get outside, and soon he will let you know in no uncertain terms when wants out. If potty training your dog continuously fails after following every technique and tip available, a visit to your vet may be in order to investigate underlying medical reasons for the inappropriate defecation or urination.